Weird things have been happening over the past few days and this has got me thinking. I read a fair amount of weird stuff but the regularity over the past few days has been alarming, even for a person who has been labelled ‘WEIRD’ as often as me.

“You’re so weird.”. I hear this sentence often, often from the same people but i still think normalcy is overrated. By that I mean, why would I want to be normal, so normal that one wouldn’t have any reason to ever think about me?! I also think that when people refer to others as weird, they do not understand what is actually meant by ‘weird’. Being weird is actually a very serious matter. However people tend to be liberal in branding others as weird. To be normal would be to conform to regular standards and not have any characteristics that overtly make us seem not ordinary/ run of the mill/BORING.

For some context, let us first look at the definition of weird.

adj. weird·er, weird·est

1. Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural.
2. Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.
3. Archaic Of or relating to fate or the Fates.

So the only possible relevant definition would have to be the second one. Even then, to have a strikingly odd character is not the same thing as doing weird things. For example, I take long walks alone around my neighborhood( Sentosa Cove) at odd timings for no specific reason. That cannot be considered sufficient reason to brand me as a Class A Weirdo. That would be an idiosyncrasy, not so strikingly odd that I should be investigated. I also talk to myself a fair bit, ok, a lot. That would be another idiosyncrasy, plenty of people talk to themselves.

My point is that I don’t think it’s nice to call people weird over simple behavioural quirks that they possess, some think of it as a personality trait. That doesn’t mean that I’m so politically correct that I think we should not call anybody weird. Being a hypocrite, I have labelled people as such and I still do, but as I get in touch with my eccentric side(s), I realise how bastard-ish that is. In fact nowadays, anyone who does things out of the ordinary is seen as being weird. Just to be clear, let me share a few examples of what I consider actual weird behaviour. Behold and Lo! Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C and Exhibit WTFOMG.

Now the first example is sad, because the man was shot and killed and his now faceless victim is in critical condition. The second example is scary, like one of the commenters said, “You can’t say this guy didn’t give a shit”. The third is really creepy but the fourth wins the Batshit Crazy Award for Weird Behaviour.

Show any guy the above 4 stories and the one which will affect him most, will definitely be the fourth one. I’ll bet my balls, oh wait no. Any story which involves a guy getting hit in the nuts, getting his thing cut off by a spiteful wife, getting hit in the nuts will always elicit a painful reaction from all men wherever they may be. It’s truly the only situation where a guy actually means it when he says, “I feel your pain”.

By the way, above-mentioned thing slicer and slicee actually got back together many years after The Slicing. And the slicee became an adult film star after being sliced, turning adversity into opportunity!

“John, you did a lot of things to me that were very painful,” Miss Gallo said, claiming he had forced her to have an abortion.

“You drove me crazy. You drove me insane. No woman should go through that I went through.”

“I didn’t really understand how sensitive you are,” Mr Bobbitt, 42, from Buffalo, New York, replied. “You take things really seriously.”

That, my friend(s), is a prime example of how a woman manages to get out of any situation looking like she did nothing wrong. Both of them may have done crazy things but the man(with half dick in this case) always ends up saying sorry.