Public Apology

As requested, I am publishing the following public apology.

To whom it concerns,

I write to you in times of great difficulty and with a heavy heart. Let me first apologise for the tardiness i displayed. Let me also be clear that I was not late for our meeting on purpose. I would never deliberately do such a thing for it would result in an undesirable consequence, a reduction in the quality time I get to spend with you.

Factors beyond my control contributed to my arrival 15 minutes after the scheduled time. It would be of great help if I first explained my thought process regarding travel time. I estimated that it would take 10 minutes to the train station and 35 minutes via train to reach the desired venue. Factoring in waiting times, i would have needed to leave my residence at 2 pm so as to reach the destination at 3 pm.

Prior events to my leaving greatly impacted the course of events and are largely the reason for my tardiness. I was watching a clip which shed light on concepts like the intricacies of race relations in America.

I believe that you expect more reasons to explain my latecoming yesterday.

I assure you, there are none. I was watching a video on Youtube and it was funny so I left late and arrived late. You had also demanded a 500 word apology. I admit that i don’t give a copulate about your demands. By now, you should have realised that the entire thing was a joke and i feel no remorse for making you wait, not one iota.

So, if i’m late again (and i will be), deal with it.


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