So it looks like Mitt will win the Republican nomination, barring an act of God or an implosion of unprecedented magnitude . It’s set then, Obama VS Romney. In a contest between Mitt and Barack, who would/should win? And does it matter who wins?

Since I’m not American, their domestic policies on healthcare, immigration, environmental issues don’t really bother me. I read about it and have some opinions but I don’t really care. What bothers me is their foreign policy. Specifically, who wins this election would determine whether America is going to resume freely jumping into conflicts pre-emptively and unilaterally.

I have a big problem with any Republican winning. Main reason being, they (and their buddies) would enthusiastically jump into a swordfight with the Iranians. They would side with the Israelis, no questions asked, in all issues. All 3 Republicans sound like they cannot wait to get entangled in another war. I do like Ron Paul, but he’s just not going to be elected.

I am not saying that President Obama will not go to war. It’s quite possible that he will. I just believe that in him, there is a deliberative, thinking man who will not jump unthinkingly into conflict at the behest of America’s greatest friend and ally. War is not a small matter. Presidents declare war and send thousands to conflict, all while travelling in a flying fortress. Innocents die. That’s not good.

In Romney, I see a man who will do as told, a man who just seems trigger happy and is a shameless liar. I have no doubt that if elected he would jump into Iran, Syria and any conflict near sources of black gold. I just don’t like him, it’s a visceral reaction. I do accept however, that if i had to imagine what a President looked like. Romney would be it. Luckily, its an election not a casting call.

I understand that politics is a dirty ‘sport’, but listening to this guy is disgusting. A stiff rod who lies brazenly with nobody calling him out. Listen to any speech of his, fact-check what he says and you will get what I’m trying to say. If the economy declines, it’s Obama’s fault. If it improves, it’s Obama’s fault that its so slow. His penchant for flip flopping reinforces my notion that he will say anything to get elected. In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to exposing his changes on every major policy position.

Seriously, a leader should appeal to your good senses and inspire you. He should make you feel like you’re going to get through something together as a country, no matter how hard it is. He should not be scaring you into voting for him with lies about his opponent. The gist of all the Republicans argument can be summarised like this: Vote out Obama or we’re fucked beyond all possibility. America will never be the same again, he’s going to take away your guns, apologize for America worldwide and install himself as your Supreme Leader. He’s made shit so bad all by himself and only I can fix it. My way of fixing it is exactly the same as these 3 other guys but wdv…VOTE ME.

I AM definitely biased towards Obama because I have a crush on him, i admit that. But I dont have problems with the Republicans because of my bias. I would love to see honest, factual policy based disagreements with Obama, not hyperbole (OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST FASCIST COMMUNIST BLACK PANTHER RADICAL WHO WAS BORN IN THE DESERTS OF KENYA!!) and lies of the highest order. It’s for the betterment of a country if there is a serious adult conversation about the issues affecting everyone. There was a candidate called Jon Huntsman whom I liked. He may not have prescribed policies I agree with but he seemed decent, intelligent and genuine. Consequently, his sanity proved to be an insurmountable handicap.

The thing about American politics which has disgusted me the most is the reception that Congress gave to Bibi. Support him, fine, that’s your prerogative. But the manner in which he is adulated while they insult their own President just seems tasteless. For example, at AIPAC, he gets a rockstar reception and the President gets polite applause. That’s like going to a home game and watching the home fans support the away team, just in a much more serious setting. You may not like him but the Office of the Presidency deserves some respect.

And so, i rant.


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