Thirty six weeks ago, I embarked on a journey. A journey which was supposed to add one more name to humanity’s list of literary greats, a journey which was supposed to revolutionize recording of the written word, a journey which was intended to impact lives in a way they had never been before. I laid the foundations for a record of the human thought process, a canvas upon which to paint my mural of the world, a blog.

Here I am, nine months later, the egg which i laid then has finally hatched. Perhaps it is a coincidence that it took me as long to bother to start blogging as it would to gestate a child. Honestly, there can be no doubt that its a coincidence solely due to my incompetence and sloth.

However, the time has come for people to realise that it is possible to write long blog entries saying absolutely nothing of importance, as i have so skilfully just demonstrated. Yes, the feeling you are now experiencing is normal. I just wasted your precious time and I will not reimburse your losses. =D


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